Thursday, February 28, 2008

Western Civilization: Procreate or Perish

Civilization depends on the health of the traditional family.

Therefore, the wise will recognize that the subcultures that survive the demographic collapse will be those that sacrificially embrace natalist values over materialist ones – which is to say, those whose religious convictions inspire them to have relatively large families, despite the social and financial cost.

Like it or not, the future belongs to the fecund faithful.

Does that scare you? It does Philip Longman. In his 2004 book, The Empty Cradle, he warns fellow secular liberals that demography is destiny and that those who want to preserve modernity must start having more children than "fundamentalists."

See this Dallas Morning News article to read the rest.

The article reminded me of a t-shirt I once saw on a friend, the mother of eight blessings. It proclaimed in bold letters: World Domination One Child at a Time.


Angela said...

About a month ago, I heard something alot like this on Christian radio station.....or maybe political talk radio.

Anywho....the point was that it is funny that liberals and feminist are into not having alot of children and that eventually, unless they change there minds, there won't be many of them around.

Jenny (you have blogged about her fam) had a stat on her yahoo newsletter in like 2005 that talked about Muslim families having an average of 7 children. Kinda made me think.

God bless....Angela

Ginger said...

I'd prefer that articles like this weren't printed, so the liberals and feminists could just die off without warning. LOL
We Christians are so much like the world, most of us, having our two kids and quitting. Why don't we want more evangelists out there in the world to spread the good news?

Angela said...

Amen! LOL

Jenni said...

Wow! Now this is a topic that is near and dear to my heart if ever there was one. Welcome the children! Investing in their lives is one thing we can do in this life that will have blessed eternal ramifications.

mommy4 said...

Well I did my part to help the cause! LOL ;)