Sunday, March 16, 2008

Liar, Liar!

Last night, Elena and Isaac got in a huff and (according to Isaac), Elena slapped his cheeks. So, we immediately got the two together and asked for their story. Elena denies hitting him. So they both sit out awhile until they're ready to tell the truth. (Because we really have no idea who's lying at this point.) Elena now says she thought about hitting him but changed her mind.
Sit out again.
I hear them talking it over and Isaac's pretty frustrated with her. They come back in. Elena now says she started to hit him, but didn't. By now, we're fairly confident Elena's the one lying. Isaac's story stayed consistent.
We send them back to work it out together. I think 2 minutes passed. They come back in. Elena says: I hit him.
So Elena became Isaac's servant for the night. We told her: It's your job to make sure Isaac has everything he needs. You need to fill his water glass before he has to ask. When you see him take his last bite, you need to jump up and offer him seconds.

Isaac was very relieved by this punishment. Elena learned how to love through service.

Lessons learned:
  • justice will prevail
  • telling the truth saves time and pride
  • selflessness brings joy
  • selfishness brings pain
  • humility will be rewarded


Faith said...

Great idea Ginger! I am going to have to use that one the next time one of them lies.

The Herd said...

Very creative punishment...did it work?
Thanks for the idea!

Ginger said...

It only seemed fair since she wasted so much of Isaac's time by lying when he was telling the truth. He was humble about it and didn't lord over her.
Did it work? Well she had an opportunity to lie today and didn't. :)

Ginger said...

UPDATE: Elena is currently Chloe's slave.


Rachel Marie said...

That is a great idea for discipline! I think I'm going to have to try that one.