Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sweet Boy

This is a boy I worked with for 2 years. He was precious to me. Alex. When he went to his 4-month well baby visit and was vaccinated, within 6 hrs his temp shot up above 105. Brain damaging fever. He was a normal, healthy baby. He was then blind, had multiple seizures daily, non-ambulatory, incontinent (wears a diaper), eating through a g-tube only, and required breathing treatments 3x/day. I grew very close to this family. I went with them to several Medicaid appointments; he was sick a lot!
Breaks my heart that it didn't have to happen.

We don't vax because of the ingredients, and how they're made, and all the diseases, including autism, that are linked to vaccines.

I've seen firsthand, as a Speech-Language Pathologist, what vaccines can do to a kid's developing brain. I can't tell you how many autistic kids' symptoms began following the MMR vaccine. You can also read all about it in the book: Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and PDD

Alex died when he was 8 years old.


Our Family: said...

See, Ginger! I told you your expertise will come in handy! Do you know how many people I've forwarded this to? My little nephew ended up in critical condition after his last immunization.


The Herd said...

Ginger, this is so sad!
Just curious...did this family stop vax at this point?

Ginger said...

No, they didn't. The mom doesn't speak English and I couldn't convince her to go against what the doc says is best. Super sad.
I'm going to be hanging out with them this week. More pics to follow I hope.
Super sweet Mama trying to do the best for her son.

Nealy said...

Kal, one of my clients, has a 5-year-old autistic son. I loaned him my book, "Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism" by actress Jenny McCarthy. Kal brought his son to see me last week and the dad stood by proudly as his son told me his name and age, which he previously could not do. The dad said that after reading the book, he and his wife changed their son's diet and have seen marked improvements! I said, "I've got another book for you to read, 'Unraveling the Mystery of Austism.'" Thank you for educating me so I can share the info with others.

Ginger said...

That's terrific, Mom! Keep it up. I'm convinced that that book will change lives. I saw so many autistic kids make major changes just from getting dairy out of their diets. If they stop vaxing and start diet modification, they *can* recover. I've seen it. It works.

The Herd said...

It's hard when you go against the Doc, even when you speak the same language! You have to have confidence to do it. I had to tell ECI that our vx weren't current, and one of the ladies that works with my son seemed shocked--There is a philosophy out there that the sicker kids are, the more they need the vx...weird(it's how a friend of mine thinks).

Ginger said...


Logically it doesn't make any sense at all to pump more toxins into a kid whose immune system is already compromised. In fact, a doctor should never vax a kid who is sick at the time of the visit.
I was actually kicked out of a dr's office for not vaxing. He got a big wad of research articles from me in the mail, along with a very respectful, flattering letter. I wanted him to read the research afterall. ;)

The Herd said...

Yeah, the whole idea just baffles my mind to think the way doctors think at times...but I guess they think that of us non-vaxers!! Yeah, I was very talked down to about a STD vax by a dr. She said--you just never know how your kids will be!! YIKES! We left that dr.

Lauren said...

Where is the best place to find information on this topic?

Ginger said...

Try all the links I included in the post. ;)