Saturday, March 1, 2008

Maya Sports a New 'Do

I took Maya to get her hair done today. I know how to do a few styles, but I wouldn't trust myself to do the style we're currently after: locs. First she gets her hair shampooed. Maya said that was her favorite part.
Since her hair has already been twisted, this was only a maintenance trip. Her stylist, Alake', only did the roots. Maya's hair is all done in two-strand twists, that will loc over time. Alake', a true African-American, used a crochet needle to twist and tighten the roots. Very interesting stuff. It would take me half a day to do this. It took her an hour.
It doesn't hurt Maya at all, although "Beauty is pain" is a cliche among blacks, African or otherwise. The girl can sit still for insane amounts of time, while having her hair done. [Tip: Don't hire a chatty hair stylist.]
The girls love looking at the hairstyle magazines and picking out their favorite 'dos. We bring a bag of stuff to keep the girls busy: coloring books, pencils and paper, snacks and drinks. We prepare for camping out, although it doesn't generally take that long. We got smart. [see previous tip.]
Here's the close-up view of her two-strand twists:
Final style: ponytail with side swept bangs. She has one single twist hanging down in the back with a shell on the end of it and one single twist in her ponytail has a pretty little African bead on it. Beautiful. And she is so proud of her new 'do.
Hair is a very big deal among blacks. A woman's hair is her crowning glory. The smile on Maya's face is worth the time and money we put into her beautiful locs.


MommaofMany said...

Maya really is a lovely young lady. That's such a cute style! I hope to someday have the chance to experience caring for and playing with some little beauties wonderful black hair!

Lisa said...

She is a beautiful girl! I am amazed she can be so patient. The last time I went in to have low-lights put in, it took almost 2 hrs. and the stylist looked at it and said, "Oh, that turned out darker than I hoped, let's do it over" - yah, sure, another 2 hours in "the chair"? No thanks, looked fine to me and as much as I like getting out by myself to get my hair done (like once or twice a year), I was DONE. I guess I need to work on my patience a little more!

Andrea said...

It is so sweet what you wrote in the last paragraph of the picture that a black woman's hair is her crowing glory. That is 100% TRUE. Hopefully by that comment you will educate many women that have adopted black children, especially girls,to take them to the stylist if they have problems doing their hair. They do feel very worthy by the way their hair looks

When [black] girls are going to school, they are not being teased about what kind of clothes they wear, but the stuff they hear from other black girls is, "your mama doesn't know how to do hair and your skin looks ashy". I wanted to comment on how beautifully all three of your children's (Daniel, Isaac, Maya) skin looks. It's always shiny.

Ginger said...

Thanks so much, Andrea! Your words of encouragement mean a lot.

ecrawfor80 said...

She is just beautiful, Ginger! I love the hair, too!

The Herd said...
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The Herd said...

Wow...what a process! Way to learn patience! She is just beautiful!