Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Our Mountain Rose shipment has arrived! Woo-Hoo!! Another gallon of coconut oil, a big bag of Wild Cherry Bark (Daniel needs that for his yucky cough), and a bunch of Echinacea. The next cold anybody gets, we'll nip it in the bud!
I'm going to go boil up some tea with the Cherry Bark and put a big spoonful of yummy coconut oil in our oatmeal.


The Herd said...

What are some of the ways you use Coconut oil?

Ginger said...

I use it as a healthy substitute for butter, in any sweet-type recipes. I put it in our hot cereals, in our smoothies, and for baking.
It's so good for you! But that's an upcoming post, I'll try not to ruin it all here :)

Faith said...

Yummy! I really need to just bite the bullet and buy some coco oil and red palm oil too. I think it will be the first thing I do with my grocery money this coming month since I am out of olive oil and I have been really wanting to change.
BTW, what other things do you use to make tea for sicknesses? Or just to stay healthy? Any suggestions?
And I am SO excited that I won the contest! Jonah couldn't believe it, since I have NEVER won anything before in my life, seriously. I have been searching VF to find just the right things to get...

Ginger said...

Teas for sickies:

Yarrow for flu & fever
Passion Flower for relaxation (to help the sick kid sleep)
Lemon Grass for fever & sore throat
Nettle for allergies
Alfalfa for general health
Wild Cherry Bark is an expectorant, good for sore throats, & colds
Echinacea is great for colds

Alfalfa has almost no taste, and Yarrow is a little bit bitter. I add spearmint or peppermint leaves to both of those.
The rest I just add raw honey to sweeten.