Saturday, March 8, 2008

Good Fats Part 1

We eat a lot of popcorn around here. It's such a cheap, easy snack and I'm a big fan of both cheap and easy. Our favorite way to eat it is with red palm oil (aka palm fruit oil):
Extra virgin Palm Fruit Oil is pressed from the ripened fruit of the palm tree. It is a rich source of Vitamin E oil and antioxidants, and is stable against heat and oxidation. Palm Fruit Oil is commonly used in food products as a healthier alternative when compared with other higher saturated oils.

~from the Mountain Rose Herbs site

Here's what this golden oil looks like, scooped out of my Mountain Rose gallon bucket:
Now it's time to add the popcorn kernels. I like to experiment with different varieties, but today we're having regular old yellow popcorn. Add enough to almost cover the bottom of the pot:

Cover and cook over med-high heat. It will take about 2 minutes before anything happens. Alton Brown says to keep the pot moving the whole time, so I do. (Yes, I always do what Alton Brown tells me to do. I'm very obedient.)

When the popping stops, we have a big delicious beautiful bowl of what looks like movie popcorn. But this stuff is actually healthy! And it tastes fantastic!

I use red palm oil for anything savory. I add a big spoonful to pretty much whatever I'm cooking for dinner. For sweet stuff, I use virgin coconut oil, but that's another post.
The health benefits of red palm oil far surpass those of EVOO and I think you'll really like it once you try it! I'll save you a bunch of time and money too-- this is the cheapest place to find this healthy fat:
Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c


Mark & Jody said...

Cool Post! We LOVE popcorn too! Isn't "the ripened fruit of the palm tree" a coconut? So is this oil another form of coconut oil?

I'm health-food challenged. Help me!

Ginger said...

Apparently you're not the first to ask, Jody:

Palm oil comes from a tropical palm tree (elaeis guineensis—NOT the same as coconut palm trees), which is native to the tropical areas of Africa, where it grows wild.

-taken from the Tropical Traditions site

Angie said...

Thanks for much for sharing the info about this oil. We went right to the site and ordered some as well as some other great things from their site. They are in the same state as us less than an hour away and I had never heard of them. Thanks again.

Renee said...

Thanks for posting this!

I have been thinking of adding Red Palm Oil to our diet since I read about it in Above Rubies several years ago. Now that we have two sons form Ghana I know they would appreciate it. Do you use it for rice dishes... etc? What does it taste like?

Thanks for any help. I enjoy reading about your family.

Renee (Mama to 11)

Ginger said...

Thanks Renee!
Yes, we use it in ALL our rice dishes. What does it taste like? Hmmm. Well, it's not sweet, it's savory. It goes well with any savory dishes. I don't know how to explain the flavor. We all like it! :)

ecrawfor80 said...

So could you substitute it for EVOO??

Ginger said...

Yes! It's fantastic for anything cooked or baked. I wouldn't use it for a salad dressing though. :)

Lori4squaremom said...

I have read about the benefits of red palm oil on a good friend of mine's blog, and her sourch is MUCH more expensive than yours. So I looked at Mountain Rose's website, and am a bit confused, are you using palm kernal oil (It is not listed as red palm oil, but they have palm kernal oil and they have palm fruit is listed as being good in cosmetics the other in culinary uses, so I was wondering which one is it that you use?

THanks so much!


PS I found your blog through my friend "Mommaofmany", she pointed me to your kefir tutorial.

Ginger said...


Glad to have you! Now be honest: you just skimmed the post didn't you? ;)

"Red Palm Oil (aka Palm Fruit Oil)"

Lori4squaremom said...

hehehe, I didn't skim it, but didn't pay close attention to the details until AFTER I had posted the comment :) After posting the comment/question I went back and re-read the description on the Mountain Rose site, and realized that I had read those words! :) Such a goof, I am! :)

Thanks so much for posting your source for these items, I am looking forward to placing an order with Mountain Rose Herbs!