Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gotcha Day!

Tuesday morning, we started our vacation with a brunch celebration at The Original Pancake House. April 6, 2007 we brought Maya, Isaac, and Daniel home from Liberia. It is so hard to believe that a whole year has passed. I don't feel like I've accomplished enough in one year. I should have read more adoption books (and I read a bunch!) There are so many things that I'm just now figuring out!

We went to breakfast with our good friends, Paul and Amber, who adopted their Hannah two years before our three came home. They also brought along their neice, Autumn, a good friend to my girlies.
My pecan waffle was delicious. I feel full just thinking about it. Yum! Daniel ate 4 pancakes, 3 thick slices of bacon, an egg, and one of Kyle's potato pancakes. Lydia ate the same, minus the potato pancake. I expect them both to be an inch taller next week.
Paul kept commenting about all the eyes we were getting at our long table. With his one kid, he apparently isn't as used to it as we are. hehe
It was a fabulous way to start our vacation!


The Herd said...

What a beautiful bunch!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures and update! Hope you are enjoying or have enjoyed your vacation!

MommaofMany said...

Perhaps, Ginger, you should write an adoption book that shares all those things you didn't learn from all the other adoption books!

You have a great looking bunch of kiddos! Have a great time!

Faith said...

I read your comment on Faith's blog about people asking questions.
I was wondering what you say when people comment.
I liked what you said about all of their hand picked children but I am wondering what you say about your bunch.
Also, how would you instruct someone to ask about adoption. I LOVE adoption and was wondering what types of questions are OK.
Faith E.

Carletta said...

I hope you have a blast!

You have a beautiful family.

TeamBettendorf said...

Too bad we weren't there with you. We would have been a circus side show!

Angela said...

Happy Gotcha Day Clarks!

Hope you have a wonderful vacation.

I feel blessed to be getting to know you and your beautiful family. Thank you for sharing them with us.

God bless....Angela