Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's All About the Hair

The other day, Maya fixed the girls' hair for a ball. They have these pretend balls every third day, you see and their hair must be just so. Check out Chloe's fancy upsweep:
Maya had just had her hair redone, so perhaps that's what started it all. She had her hair braided in 5 different braids up into a ponytail. (Much like Chloe's now that I think about it.)

Elena wanted a more sophisticated look, of course. She's not the sanguine her sisters are.
Every night, Maya wears a sleep cap to protect her 'do. If she didn't, her hair would be all frizzy when she woke up the next morning, rendering it a one day 'do. That's not good stewardship. With the sleep cap, her hair will look wonderful for a week.
That night, Chloe wore a sleep cap as she wasn't ready to be rid of her beautiful 'do. She wore it that way the next day too. We didn't go anywhere that day.


Anonymous said...

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The Herd said...

Does Maya do all the hair? Whoever does the hair is great!
How fun!

Ginger said...

I RARELY do any braiding. Maya did their hair and if they have anything fancy, it is almost always her who does it.

Nealy said...

Now doesn't Maya just fit into this family of hair stylists?! Granny Trammell, who got her beauty license in 1931, would be so proud of the creativity of these girls in the hair department! Mom charged 25 cents for a haircut, 25 cents for a shampoo and set, and $2.00 for a perm!!

shipra said...

Maya needs to come over and give me some braids. Not doing my hair for a week sounds wonderful.