Monday, April 14, 2008

When the Lights Go Out

Ever wonder what happens in the Clark house after dark? I went into the kids' rooms at 11pm (as I do every night) to check on my babes. Here's my youngest, doesn't she look lonely?I don't know why we invested in beds. A total waste of money according to my kiddos. They ask almost every night if they can sleep on the floor. Elena's wrapped up burrito style in her blanket at the bottom of the pic. That's Maya in the middle, but you can't see her under her sleep cap. (Keeping the hair beautiful is high priority as you'll see in a later post.)
Pedro was doing homework and shunned the Mamarazzi. He was still smiling though. He secretly loves the attention.
I didn't go into the boys' room as they are light sleepers. I want to show you how adorable they are when they're sleeping, but I'm not willing to wake them to get the shot.
Tonight, as he does most nights, Daniel asked if he could sleep with Isaac on the top bunk. (Another wasted purchase- we really should have just gotten a few sleeping bags and thrown them on the floor.) Of course, we said no to Daniel a g a i n, because the boy giggles and plays and has no self-control whatsoever. We do occasionally say yes to cute Daniel, but only when they can sleep late the next day.


The Herd said...

Tell Pedro that I love his name on the wall-very unique.
That's funny that the kids sleep all over! It's great for camping or hotels!

Jenni said...

When our 8 year old was 2 she had an adorable toddler bed that we got her. However, she chose to sleep on the floor with some stuffed animals and blankets over by her bookshelf every night for more than a year. She did enjoy her bed later, but it was so cute to see her curled up among teddy bears and board books.

MommaofMany said...

I, too, have children that prefer to floor to their beds. I wouldn't mind getting rid of the beds and giving them that much more floor space. But then, we'd never again get certified for foster care. Each child must have their own bed, even if they don't like it.

Roehrman said...

I threw our wading pool in there room to store it. And now that is the prised sleeping place! 3 kids in a tiny pool.( funny sight!)

Anonymous said...

My children prefer the floor too.