Friday, April 25, 2008

Mascara Face

This picture taken February 2007
I really loved your so-called "terrible two's", but I sure am enjoying you as a three year old! I love it when you say "actually, I want _____" and when you ask, "you 'member when I ____." I love how you always ask for a hug when you're afraid of something (like all the insects you refer to as ladybugs). I love your hugs, do you know that? I love how you smile when you see Daddy come home from work, and how you call him "Dada" sometimes too. You are our precious baby of the family and we all adore you! (But you seem to already know that.)




The Herd said...

Hope it wasn't waterproof! HA!
Very sweet letter!!

Jeff said...

How sweet you are! :)