Saturday, April 12, 2008

Practicing What I Preach

This week was almost a total loss. I started feeling crummy on Wednesday, achy and tired. Felt fluish. I laid around pretty much all day, and when I got up to do something I was grumpy. Mommy was no fun at all! The kids looked like this most every time I got up:
So I started taking raw garlic right away. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. I crushed a clove into a tablespoon and poured a bit of orange juice over it to make it go down easier. After I got the hot stuff in my mouth, I washed it down quickly with a cup of O.J. (Not quite like a spoonful of sugar, Mary Poppins, but it sure helps!) I take 1 clove 3 times/day.
The next day, (I should have done this Wednesday, but all I wanted to do was lay down) I brewed up some Echinacea tea and downed 2 quarts of it over the course of the day. It tastes pretty good alone, I didn't even add any honey.Because I was feeling so worn out, I upped my vitamins. I take a liquid multivitamin because liquids are more easily and quickly absorbed into the body. (And because my Naturopath Doctor says so.)On Friday morning, I was still a little achey. By this time, I was about done with feeling like I'd been run over by a train, so I started getting serious. I added B Complex to my arsenal. I needed energy!
That afternoon, I felt fine! The aches were gone and I wasn't so tired anymore.
All those things together added up to a healed and happy Mommy.


Our Family: said...

Awwww....glad you're feeling better.

Your kids are sooo funny!

The Herd said...

You are sooo funny! I love the kids picture! Thanks for the tip on my blog...I was hoping that I would get your advice eventually (if you ever read my blog:) )and the blackmail threat must have worked-hehe!! I will check that book out:).

I have been under the weather too and I have been doing vitamin c and gse every hour that I can remember.
Hey, do you think garlic is better/stronger than gse as an antibiotic...I stomach gse much better plus I don't really want to scare my fam off with the body smell of garlic.

Glad you are feeling better though! I think I will take some Vit B! Oh, another you take anything for a headache that works and is homeopathic like?

Ginger said...

As a matter of fact, Karen, I was just reading about this in "Herbal Antibiotics".
"GSE and garlic are the two most powerful broad-spectrum antibiotics. Raw garlic kills bacterial infection. GSE also has broad-spectrum activity against yeasts, fungi, and many other organisms, surpassing garlic's range by a considerable margin.

I was pretty confident I wasn't dealing with yeast or fungi, so I took garlic to kill of any bacteria.

I'll research about headaches. I don't get headaches. (When I do, I go to the Chiropractor.) :)

The Herd said...

I think my headaches are allergy induced...not back related, but I know chiro's can help allergies in some ways too. But my seem to come in the evenings and go away during the days...

I heard something about a pain reliever called yucca(don't know how to spell it though)--ever heard of it?

Ginger said...

Yucca Root is used for arthritis, inflammation, and headaches. Mountain Rose Herbs carries it- $11 for a whole pound!
Make tea with it and drink it in the afternoon to avoid evening headaches.

Anonymous said...

This is dumb, I know, but what do you mean that you "crush" a garlic clove? Can you also dice it finely and take it with honey? Can you take too much, as in it would cause irritation or even damage to your esophagus or something else along its path?
What about GSE; how do you take that, and what kind/brand do you use?

Thanks so much,

Ginger said...

I crush the garlic with my Garlic Press. Mince is another word for crush.
Yes you can take it with honey, that's how I take GSE.
According to Herbal Antibiotics, you can take up to a bulb a day. It won't damage anything internally, except bacteria.

heartchild said...

I love the picture of the kids. They look so "worried." Too cute.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ginger.
What brand of GSE do you use? Do you take it regularly, or as needed?

The Herd said...

Thanks so much!! By the way, I got some unrefined coconut oil! We use it in popcorn so far...can't wait to make cookies or strawberry bread with it. I will look into the yucca root...thanks again for your wealth of knowledge...I might have you be my resource from RUSSIA if you don't mind.

ecrawfor80 said...

I was wondering where the GSE was!! Garlic rocks. We're all about the garlic here.
I did use GSE when I had mastitis and it worked great (maybe that's fungus/bacteria related??). I also put crushed garlic on the engorged I guess I can't say which one worked! um...this comment seems rather unrealated to your post. Anyways, I'm glad you're feeling better!!

Ginger said...

We buy Nutri-Biotics GSE, altho I will likely never buy the drops again. YUCK! I'll get the capsules next time. ;)

mommy4 said...

ok, so i tried the garlic thing once and was so disgusted that i will never try again. i had garlic breath for 2 days and the thought of it makes my tummy hurt! sorry but atleast i tried ;)