Friday, April 11, 2008

Now That I Know. . .

So, according to the poll results, you guys read here for a bunch of different reasons. The votes were fairly evenly balanced. Very interesting stuff.
The top two reasons you read here are: to find out how a "big family" functions
and because you just love learning about adoption. If you fit into that category,
you're in luck because I love talking about it. You guys also seem very interested in herbs & health. Woo-Hoo for me, that's another of my favorite subjects.
I also discovered that either (1) I have very few relatives who read here or (2) most of my relatives who read here already understand me. Good for them. That will certainly make their lives easier.
So I'll be blogging more about big family stuff, adoption, and herbs. And I'll do my best to keep the pictures coming. I know that most of you just wanna see my cute kids.
And Vicki, now that I've blogged a pic of YOU, I've got your attention haven't I? I expect a comment now. I have more pics of you from that cruise, ya know? ;)


Anonymous said...

Fine You got me !! It's Vicki if you post a picture of me in a swim suit I will just have to drive to your casa. I DO know where you live!!!

Ginger said...

Didn't take you long! LOL! We miss you guys! It's too bad it takes blackmail to get some communication out of ya!


Vicki said...

I am an AVID fan of this website, as bad as I am I check it oh 4-5 times a day!!! You all need to drive out to the country sometime to see us! We are only 1 1/2 hours away, but once you get here, we make you forget b/c we are SO MUCH FUN!!!

Anonymous said...

We have a family with 8 children, and I can't stand board games, BUT I LOVE playing Uno. It's quick, fun, and did I mention quick??!! I think having a game night every now and then is great!

The Herd said...

Ok Ginger what blackmail should I do to get YOU to comment on my blog!? HAHA!! I check your blog too often too!!