Friday, May 30, 2008

The Babies

A couple of days ago, I decided to take the kids to a nearby waterfall for some pictures. I really just wanted some shots of the girls, so I could blow one up, frame it, and put it in the girls' room. Well, I didn't check the weather before going, since it was a spontaneous decision to go. That was a big mistake. Since it had rained the day before, it was really humid and everything was muddy. What was I thinking??

To make matters worse, it was sunny. Outdoor pictures need to be taken on overcast days, especially when you're doing transracial photography. So almost none of the pics looked good. Either everyone was squinting because I had them in the sun, or you couldn't see Maya at all because the sun was behind her.

As we were leaving the park, I decided to get a quick shot of the babies. I told them to hold hands and realizing how bored they looked, asked them to look at each other. As soon as Liddy looked at Daniel, he started dancing for her. It was so funny! This picture really shows their personalities- Lydia is standing still, looking very demure, and Daniel's dancing around crazy-like.


TeamBettendorf said...

"transracial photography"? As in a white woman taking pics of a black child? Or a black and white child together? ;)

The Herd said...

That's funny! So much for spontaneity!! Maybe another day;)

The book about definitely for a weekend getaway with your girl(s) when they are about 10-11...did you want to read it? It's a study to do together not a reading for information book.

Ginger said...

HA! That's funny, Katie! I was about to say "biracial" but they're not biracial. I meant: taking a single pic of two different races. But you knew that and you're just making fun of me.
"Transracial photography" as I choose to call it, is a very tricky business indeed.

Ginger said...

Karen, I've already forgotten what book you're talking about. Wanna refresh my tired brain?

Julie said...

I think that picture is adorable. I love it!

The Herd said...

The raising up virtuous daughters one by Stacey Mac Donald...don't know the spec. title.

Ginger said...


I'd love to! Maybe I could just do it with Maya.