Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pedro's Back!

Pedro recently got home from his annual trip to
New York City to visit his best buddy, Carlos, who attends the Art Institute of New York.
He was there for a whole 10 days, so everyone was so thrilled to see him again. He arrived home at lunchtime, so all the kids were squealing and yelling when he walked in the door.
Pedro said that every third person in New York wore these silly "glasses". He thought they were so hilarious, he just had to buy a pair. According to him, everyone looked this ridiculous in them.
Well, except for Liddy Bitty of course, who looks cute in everything! We're all so glad Pedro's home again! We missed his laughter and jokes, not to mention his trash-taking-out abilities.


The Herd said...

Those are funny glasses!!! Glad you have your oldest back in the mix again! Good practice for when the kids leave the nest for their own families and/or life:)

Roehrman said...

So sweet! You can tell he is a prised big brother!

Faith said...

Great glasses and I love Pedro's hair!