Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last Weekend, Part 3

Last Thursday, Kyle took the day off, so we went to the zoo. (Thanks again, Dad & Shannon, for the zoo membership. We're making very good use of it!) There were at least 9 school buses in the parking lot when we arrived. Grrrr. And wouldn't you know it, on the day we decide to wear our red shirts so we can keep track of everyone, so did three of those public school groups. Sheesh!

I love this carousel. The kids really just like the spinning bird's nest. Chloe kept her arms around both Daniel and Lydia, who wanted to be with the big kids, but didn't really want to spin. Chloe's a very good comforter. She's gonna make a great mother.
This is how we travel, for those who've asked. The big kids chant a little song to help them remember the rule: "Put your hands on the stroller and stay close to your mother."

Oh and we did see some live animals too, like this cute meerkat.And the stingrays. Maya is the most unafraid of these graceful gliders. She was feeding him a shrimp.
Some are trying to pet the ray, others just want to get their hands wet. Nothing more fun than water. At least, it's not in my bathroom! Don't ask.
The babies love their little monkey backpacks, which are also harnesses. Don't tell them I'm keeping them safe. They just think they're cool!


Rachel Marie said...

I so need to get one of those backpacks for my 2 1/2 year old explorer!

The Herd said...

Love the beautiful pics! You go mom of seven!

Lauren said...

We have a backpack like that for our youngest, although she's pretty much outgrown it now. We love it. It's the doggie one, though.

Great pics!

Faith said...

How in the world can you walk with all those children holding onto the stroller?!? The other day I went to the zoo with my friend and her children. I had one 5 year old holding on to the stroller (his idea, not mine) and I must have run over his feet 10 times. Also, I probably ran into him 5 times when he decided *out of nowhere* to walk in front. This is not to mention the extra pounds when he was leaning/laying on the side.
That is ever you do it!

Ginger said...

I've never run over any feet. They only keep one hand on the stroller, so they're never "under" it. ;)
I can't think of when they might have decided to walk in front, but natural consequences will occur then. hehe
I haven't had anyone lean or lay on the stroller (they do that on shopping carts sometimes and I stop the cart until they get off). I stop the stroller any time someone isn't obeying the rule. They move back into place pretty quickly. :D

Angela said...

Where did you get those backpacks?

God bless...Angela

Ginger said...

WalMart or Target.