Friday, May 23, 2008

Art Appreciation

We've just started studying the art of Norman Rockwell. This painting, "Triple Self-Portrait" elicited some self-portraits among my budding artists. Check it out:

Elena, whose nostrils aren't nearly that big and who really only has 5 fingers on each hand.

Maya, who apparently is a fan of Picasso's style. lol

Chloe, who seemingly has some unvoiced desire for pierced ears and a pet monkey (in her left hand (which is on the right side) above).

And finally: Isaac, with the big muscles and t-shirt that says "STRONG" (spelled SHCHG). This one is quite appropriate actually.

I thought you'd enjoy this psychological view into the psyche of the Clark kids. They think very highly of themselves.


Rachel Marie said...

LOVE the self portraits. I started a tradition of having each of my kids paint a self portrait on canvas with acrylics each year from their fifth birthday on- how fun to see how they view themselves!

Faith said...

Those are so great Ginger! I am glad you shared.

The Herd said...

That was great!!!! I love them!

TeamBettendorf said...

You didn't have them do it the way Norman Rockwell did? He took a picture of the scene and painted from the picture.

And is it legal to put parenthesis inside parenthesis?

Ginger said...

Katie, you goof! Yes, it's "legal" to place parentheses within parentheses, but it takes a skilled Grammarian to pull it off.

And I didn't ask for the self-portraits, they did that on their own and brought them to me to show off. I, of course, had to show them off here.