Saturday, May 24, 2008

Out of the Mouths. . .

The other day I asked Daniel what he remembered about Liberia. He said, "My mom and dad were there." I asked him what his mom looked like. He cocked his head to the side and looked at me very carefully before answering, "She looked like you, except she had green eyes." So I ask the obvious, "She was white?"
Each night at dinner, one of the kids prays before we eat. They take turns, one each night. Tonight as they were arguing over who got to pray, Kyle announced: "Ginger, you pray," so I did.
When I finished, Lydia looked at me with a very sweet smile and said: "That was a good one, Mama."
(This picture taken when she wasn't feeling great, thus the warm clothes.)

As I was carrying Liddy upstairs for bed (her request), she turned my face to hers and said: "I like you Mom." As I was relishing this compliment of compliments, she went on: ". . . and I like my Daddy, and my Elena, and my Maya, and my Chloe, and my brothers."


The Herd said...

Such sweet things! I am sure you will cherish them deeply.

mommy4 said...

BEAUTIFUL!! What sweet kiddos your blessed with.