Monday, June 30, 2008

Countdown to Coop

It's Done!
Moving day was Saturday. First, Kyle put the chicken wire on the vents, then decided to make some windows so we could see what those girls do behind closed doors:
Kyle plans to put doors on the windows for rainy or cold days. No chance of either of those conditions any time soon.
Here they are inside the coop. The roosting pole we made for them is too big around for their little chick feet, so Kyle quickly put together a smaller one that sits just a few inches off the ground. All the chicks have their butts to the camera. Are they mooning me??
Here's the ramp they use to get to their roosting pole. That's Dinah preening herself. (She's not headless although it looks like it.)
I'm so proud of this coop and the hardworking, super good-looking man who built it for us. See those happy chicks? They're thankful too.


Nealy said...

Kyle did a great job building a Class A accommodation for your lucky chicks! He took good advantage of being resourceful with his materials, too. I doubt that chickens are very susceptible to the cold - with all those feathers! They're lucky that their coop is covered most of the day by shade trees. Great job!

heartchild said...

The coop looks great. Are you counting the days until your own fresh eggs?

The Herd said...

Hey look it's a family comment!!
Cool Coop!
Now the Clarks go to Co-op and the clucks go to coop!!

Charity said...

I love it!! It looks great!!!


Jeff said...

Good Job, Kyle!

Jeanne said...

My dear precious Ginger.....what an awesome job Kyle did on the chicken coop! I bet he even finished it with a wood preserver, yes, no, maybe?? And was impressed he used pine to make it with and not just plywood. You go Kyle...wish you had an old brother to share~~~ LOL !!

Our Family: said...

I asked Andrew if we could have a chicken coop, but he said we weren't allowed to have one in our area. :( Imagine the money I'd save if I had my own vegetable, fruit, and herb garden, and my own chicken coop :)

Of course I guess the herb garden can be grown indoors....