Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Total Silliness

Last night, while the kids changed into pajamas, I checked my email real quick. (hahaha for those that know me.) Got my third email from Library Elf saying that such and such was due TODAY! Oh my goodness, and the library closes in half an hour! So I grab said items and dash out the door.

When I come back in, I could hear all the kids upstairs laughing their silly little heads off, almost certainly from Kyle's prodding. (He just loves to ham it up with them.) When Kyle hears me come in the door, he yells down: "Are you gonna read them their story?"I yell back: "Yea, lemme know when you're ready." Uproarious laughter commences.

Since everyone's occupied, I'll just sit down and read a tiny bit until they're all settled down and ready for bed. A few minutes later, it gets quiet and Kyle calls me. When I walk in the girls' room (where we have story time every night), this is what greeted me:

My first reaction: laughter.
My second reaction: Run downstairs to get the camera.

So as not to be thought a fuddy duddy, I join right in with the goofy-faced Clarks:Aren't we weird??


The Herd said...

Very funny! You should just carry a camera around your neck!

debhmom3 said...

Some people go camping for family bonding and well then others are Clarks. ;) Such lovely children. Even the grown ones. LOL

Jenni said...

Naw...Your not weird. A cute bunch to be sure! A happy family has FUN together!

aka BNR said...

I love the faces. I really do need to get a camera - one that can be found regularly anyway :)

Nealy said...

ROTFL! Y'all are a hoot! In case you aren't up on the text acronyms: Rolling On The Floor Laughing!!
Love from your very "With It" Nealy
LAM (laughing at myself) :o)