Saturday, June 21, 2008

Elsie Dinsmore

I love these sweet books!
Elsie raises the standard of godly womanhood to new heights. Feminists will not be happy with Elsie. She is a God-honoring young woman who strives to solve problems while working through biblical authority structures.

For the next week, Elsie Dinsmore books and audiobooks are on sale! Woo-Hoo!!


The Herd said...

Happy Anniversary Tomorrow Clarks!!

Our Family: said...

I SO want these! But I'm trying hard to pace myself--I just bought the SM Davis CD's (I LOVE his stuff). I listen to audio books and lectures, etc. while I clean. I love to listen to Nancy Campbell's CD's while cleaning, especially, because I find her so incredibly inspirational and I feel as though I'm putting the words into practice while I'm listening.

Since I'm an affiliate now, does that mean I get a discount? I'm gonna set stuff up today--so excited!