Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All About Hair

This past weekend, I chopped my hair. I mean, literally *I* chopped my hair. And you probably never guessed, but this too boils down to my love of frugality. So, here's the new 'do: (It should last a good long while!)
When Maya joined our family, our hair budget had to be revamped. About 6 months ago, I took Maya to a Loctician to have her hair locked. (These used to be called "dreadlocks", but "dread" gave people a bad impression. Now they're just called locs.) I absolutely love the look and the flexibility this style provides, but I don't want to screw it up by attempting to do it myself.
Bottom line: I cut my own hair and the rest of the kids' hair, so that I can spend the big bucks on Maya. :)

I'm Curious: What do you do yourself so that you have more money for other things?


heartchild said...

I cut my husbands and kids hair. Sadly, I have not been able to do it to myself yet.

I pay an Ethiopian girl to cornrow Lillie's hair and I taught myself how to put in the extensions to save money.

Faith said...

I cut all the kids and DH hair too but my hair is so long and straight I would NEVER be able to get it right. It does help that I only get it cut twice a year. It stays healthy that long and so I only spend about $20/year on my cut. BTW, twisting Maya's loc's now that they are done is REALLY easy. I know you could do them yourself and save even MORE money! maybe you'll just have to take a trip out to So Cal for me to show you:) Great incentive, right?

Ginger said...

Oh I know that I *could* twist Maya's hair easily enough. I've seen how easy it is to do. Now, it just boils down to time, really. It would take me half a day to do it, where it take the Loctician 2 hours. Well worth it IMO. And it always looks so beautiful!

Naomi O'Donovan said...

Great cut, Ginger. It looks fab! :D

Jeanne said... did an outstanding job, your hair really looks terrific! You could qualify for a following! I'm wandering all over the place trying to get a good haircut that's economical too. Hard to do~~~ especially with all the hair which hairdressers don't seem to like.

The Herd said...

I am super impressed you do your own hair!!!! John and I do everyone's here at the house, except for mine...but I hope to have some of the Russian kids do mine since they are older than my 8year old. John would not want the responsibility to do mine and neither do I! Yours looks awesome you use mirrors for the back?

To save money: I have made my own dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent. I have learned to dilute the whole gallon of juice(I do that for sugar reasons though). Eat beans and rice--cheap! Use up all the food we have in the pantry before buying anything major---I think we as people(at least this is true for me!) buy things and then don't always use that's a way to use it all. We buy consignment stuff--mainly for clothes. If we aren't picky, it's easier to save.
There's my savings list...not everything, but it's a start.

Janelle said...

I do my own also, as well as all the rest in the family. We also have an assortment of hair and the do is subject to my mood. :) It works for me :)

Carolyn said...

Great job on your hair. I cut the rest of the family but no one is brave enough to cut my hair. It is short all around so I can't cut my own. If anyone knows how to cut their own short hair, please share!

Jamie Wooddell said...

Your hair looks great. I love it that length.
I wouldn't touch my hair with a ten foot pole. Unfortunatly, I'm in the same boat with Aunt Jeanne. Hard to find a stylist that knows what to do with all this hair.

musicmommy3 said...

We also mostly cut our own hair. I cut my own and Michael buzzes the boys' hair and shaves his.

Judah gets a professional haircut because his doesn't grow out well. :)