Friday, August 1, 2008

Countdown to Eggs!

Now that the chicks are in the coop, we're starting a new countdown! The hens are 7 weeks old now and getting pretty big. They are so happy in their coop, thanks to my handsome handyman.

Next project on the honey do list is making the nesting boxes. Right now they just have a roosting pole, food and water in their coop.


Janelle said...

Can you send me the dimensions on you chicken set up? Dh desperately wants chickens :) PLease and thank you :)

amada said...

Hey great minds think alike! The person who commented right before me had my same idea! ;) We tried chickens before, but really had NO idea what we were doing. We had some young guy build us a coop, and went on what the people around here said to do, but ALL of our chickens died. SAD. Anyway, do you have plans for your coop? Maybe that's asking a lot...
I very much enjoy reading your blog and I love your kids!
Trujillo, Peru