Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vision Forum Coupon Up For Grabs!

This past weekend, I went to a local homeschool conference & book fair and was able to hear Doug Phillips, president of Vision Forum, speak at three seminars. He was wonderful and so encouraging! I went to the Vision Forum booth afterwards and received two $10 off coupons. I used one of them to buy all sorts of things on my wish list: How to Develop Character in Your Children, A Full House of Blessing: The Inspiring Story of the Nicklas Family, Parenting from the Heart, and Family Driven Faith.

I'm willing to give the other coupon away to the first person to request it.


PerryC said...

I don't know if we met but I was working the table for Vision Forum this weekend.

If we get to work the conference next year our family would love to meet yours.

Ginger said...


That sound great! I was only there on Saturday; I must have missed you.

Kelly said...

I was at the book fair as well. We decided to home school Isabelle this year. I may be asking for advice someday soon.

Hilary said...

Really, has no one requested the coupon? If you still have it, I'd love it - I've heard such great things about vision forum, but have not yet ever placed an order!