Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why I Hate Dealing With Doctors, Part 3

I've been reading How Doctors Think, thanks to a recommendation from Renee. It is so enlightening! The theme of the book is the mistakes doctors make when they fall into mental traps, making snap judgments to drawing premature conclusions. Cognitive errors happen when a doctor isn't focused on their patient.
About a month ago, I visited a new doctor. In telling her my issues, specifically adrenal fatigue, she leaned back in her chair and sighed: "Adrenal fatigue is the diagnosis du jour. Most people that think they have it, really don't." Then she didn't ask me any more about it.
(Quick lesson: When your thyroid is taxed, your adrenal gland takes over. Eventually, if untreated, your adrenal gland will get taxed as well, resulting in adrenal fatigue.)
Knowing that I have been taking Armour Thyroid for quite awhile, she asked how long I had taken Synthroid. (Most people start with Synthroid, then switch to Armour when it isn't working.) I told her I never took Syntroid. As soon as I knew I was hypothyroid, I requested Armour. Again, she leaned back in her chair and sighed. Then she went on to teach me a lesson:
"Doctors are not WalMart. You don't go in and tell a doctor what you want. If you had an accountant taking care of your budget, and you repeatedly told him that you wanted him to do it a certain way, he'd eventually quit."

Now, I wanted to say: This accountant works for me, right? I hired him to do a job for me, so it's perfectly reasonable that he should do the job how I want him to do it. Afterall, it's my money he's handling.

I didn't say that though. I shut down mentally while she labeled me "noncompliant". I then paid $150 for that disappointment and walked out trying desperately not to cry until I got to the car.


Beth said...

Accounting. Good analogy. After all, it's your body he's handling! Who knows your body better than you?

Heather said...

Doctos have such a savior complex in most cases. I will have to find that book. I used to hate going to the doctor because I felt like any time I went in I was going to be psychoanalyzed and categorized within 10 seconds of first-impressions. Fortunately I have a group of doctors for our family who are very personable and listen to the real experts (us...the people with the voice of experience in dealing with the issue at hand).

ecrawfor80 said...

I'm so sorry you had to deal with that, Ginger! Do you have a chiro that could reccomend a more "natural minded" doc for you? That's what we did.
I miss you on the board you used to be on...I just posted today and thought that if Gingerly was still on she would have something very worthwhile to say about this...

Ginger said...

I found an excellent doc now, I'll be blogging about that soon. :D
As far as Momys, aw man! Email me then! the9clarks@yahoo.com
And thanks for the great compliment!

The Herd said...

Since Dr.'s aren't Walmart--(by the way, we knew that by the cost--right???HEHE!), then we should become the Dr! That's why I love learning and I know that you are learning a lot too, we just need the degree for the dr's to recognize us---glad you found a great dr. Can't wait to hear about it!

Julie said...

Ginger, what an awful experience. I'm so glad you have a good doctor now.

MotherOfBlessings said...

Grrrrrrr........that's why we avoid the Dr. as much as possible. I think I will have to blog about my Dr. experience after our car accident. Grrrrr! Glad to hear you have found a good Dr. Look forward to reading about it.

Carolyn said...

Loved the analogy of accounting. I think around the early 1900's doctors were a revered, respected group that had a sincere interest in helping the patients. Since most were family doctors, their patients became part of their family. Most people took care of their ailments at home and if you went to the doc, it was because you couldn't fix it yourself and he 'saved' you.

Fast forward to now. Lots of people still have that awe of doctors but many, many have disrespected their profession. There are those precious few out there that still have the heart for being a doctor but lots more like the paychecks and the power.

Do I sound cynical? Just my opinion. I agree with 'the herd' poster and love that you use herbs so I can learn from you!

julie said...

hey ginger,

thanks for the lively debate on facebook. you know i love your blog right?