Friday, October 24, 2008

Branch & Crab Apple Baseball

Remember I told you that the kids were suddenly passionate about baseball? Well, here is their game. Isaac pretty much excels at any sport. He's just like his daddy.
Elena makes a very focused out-fielder. Don't mess with her! I think that's tabbacy in her lip, but I'm not sure.
Maya can do anything in flip-flops.
She outran Isaac and made a home run. The boy can run fast; he must have been studying cloud formations when she whacked the crab apple.

Chloe is more my style batter. She's not a great athlete, but what she lacks in skill she makes up for with flair.
She spun all the way around in her attempt to hit the ball.

While Chloe was attemping to do more than spin around on home plate, I was attempting to do my Bible study.

Lydia however, had other plans. She was determined to make me laugh. See her crossing her eyes? (Yea, I know, you can't really see what she's doing. But I just told you, so now you know.) How could I stay focused when she does that??

Then, of course, she wanted to me to take her picture. I put my foot down. This Bible study is important, child, now leave me alone!
Rather than obey, however, she took my picture. She has no appreciation for the excitement and thrill of a good ball game.


JennaB said...

You can use black walnuts for balls here! Do you have many sticks over there?? We have more than enough here if you want us to send you some. ;)


Jody said...

Hey there, I'm pretty sure that's called a hedge ball or a "horse apple". I'm pretty sure Crab apples are small and red. Just had to let you know now that I'm a country girl, I know my weed-like vegetation. But those hedge balls, they repel spiders! Put a bowl in your house if you see spiders. But . . .don't let your kids eat them. Really, really not good.

Ginger said...

Yea, I've heard them called horse apples and crab apples. But horse apples just sounded hick. lol

Penny said...

Here in Missouri, we call them osage orange. We took our boys out last week to pick up black walnuts. They were excited that they could sell them by the pound! Disappointed though that no one seems to want to buy the osage orange. lol. Penny

shipra said...

love the pic with the little scrunched up nose! Looks like it was a great game. I think Maya and I would be great friends, I live in my flip-flops (though I'll probably have to trade them in for the winter in ME...sigh)