Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pig Tail Fits

This morning, Liddy wanted pig tails. Now, you should know that I am very low maintenance when it comes to hair. I usually do little more than brush their hair and put a barrett in it. So this was a big request she was asking of me.
Oh sure, she's smiling there, but you should have seen her face after I finished and let her see her beauty in the mirror. She was wailing! I gave her a droll look as she screamed. I was not happy with her response. And she wasn't happy with the response she got from our trusty "spoon".
But it did stop the tears almost immediately. And it stopped them 10 minutes later when she decided to try out her fit again.
She's decided to be happy now, see? Happiness gets you smiles and hugs. Fits, not so much.


mommy4 said...

Oh my she looks just like Elaina in some of those pictures. She's very precious. Lexy came home from school yesterday in pig tails. Very cute!

SeƱora Smith said...

Was the fit about not liking her new "do", or was it because she didn't like standing there for the process? Isn't that funny (in retrospect, that is) what sets them off? Hermosa asks for clips, but then when I go after her with the comb she says, "Mommy stop doing that!" Ugh.

The boys wanted long hair, which I really love the look of... but then they didn't want to take care of it. They aren't old enough to be that invested, I guess. But I'm like you - I do well to take care of my own hair, much less everyone elses. When given the choice to keep it combed or cut it off, they decided to get it cut. Whew!

Ginger said...

The fit was over the finished product. (I even got them straight! That's no small feat for me.) She's actually pretty patient while I fix her hair.

JennaB said...

Yeah, I'm like you. I usually leave my hair down, but lately I've been putting it up in one ponytail. Or pigtail, whatever. :) Both are pretty easy.


Faith said...

I am a pig-tail Mama and LOVE piggies in hair. They are so fast and easy too and Lydia looks adorable in them :)

Nealy said...

If you really love me, you'll post the photo of yourself in pigtails at two; my favorite! You had on a yellow bubble suit and were sitting on a wooden bench. You know the one.