Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eau to de Toilette

Some things are worth waiting for, Lydia. Even if it takes patience. Your daddy loves being with you, but one day you'll realize what a sacrifice he made for you. Look at his sweet face. He's not having fun.
It's a lot of work for you, we know.
And sometimes it's boring work too.
Sometimes it really stinks.
But success feels so good!


Naomi Rebecca said...

Those pictures are hilarious, Ginger. I feel the pain! LOL Potty training is tough going sometimes (no pun intended.)

--Naomi :)

Kyle said...

My Lydia is a Super Dooper Pooper!! My patience was definitely rewarded.


Heather said...

Ginger, that is absolutely precious. Made my day!

Annee said...

So glad you shared. Lydia is so stinkin' cute. Pun intended ;)

Diane said...

Cute pictures but ya know she is going to be mortified when she gets older!!! LOL

Ginger said...

Um, yea, I know that Diane. That was in my mind as I posted these pics. Gotta have soem blackmailing material for later ya know?


The Herd said...

Hey we had that super dooper pooper video! Those pictures so funny---I can so relate!

JennaB said...

Lina needs to be supervised in the bathroom and I am usually picked to do the supervising. :/


shipra said...

haaaaaaaa hahaheeehee

toooo cute, BOTH Lydia and Kyle :)