Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Good Cry

I'm not much of a crier really. I've always wished I could be one of those girls that cries at sappy movies and Hallmark commercials, but alas that isn't me. I don't cry at the drop of a hat to be sure.

I cry when my babies are born, and I cried when we picked up Maya, Isaac, and Daniel from the airport. I cried when Stacey left us.

And Saturday, I cried because we weren't going to be able to get a family photo done like I had hoped. You see, we haven't had a family photo taken, professional or otherwise, since the adoption. That was over a year and a half ago. A good friend offered to take a family photo for us as an adoption gift, but it never happened and then she moved out of state. We tried several times to make it work after that but never could get the timing right. We were available, but the photographer wasn't; we were all ready to go, but it rained; somebody got sick; etc etc.

So, Saturday, my best friend, Gretchen, planned to do a photo shoot for us and I was super excited. Long story short, we weren't able to get it done then either. Gretchen and I both were unhappy about it.
I cried. I mean I boo-hooed. It was pathetic. I knew I needed to pull it together and move on with my day, but I couldn't seem to do that easily. So, Kyle offered to take us all to the park so we could at least get a photo of all the kids.

Lydia was miserably cold and wouldn't smile. And Maya's eyes are closed in that shot.

Liddy's still unhappy and Maya's eyes are still closed.

Liddy's trying but still not smiling. Now Chloe's eyes are closed.

Liddy flat out refused to fake happiness. (By the way, we did take more than just 4 shots, but none of them were any good either.)
We all went home, I went to my room, and cried some more. Ever have days like that?

And by the way, Gretchen, I'm still looking forward to our next attempt. You're the bestest photographer I know. :)


SeƱora Smith said...

Yeppers. I bought the kids new outfits for Christmas & a friend took pictures for me (just the kids), but the best one of all 3 of them had 1 great smile, 1 fake smile, and 1 very strained "trying" to smile but was uncomfortable in his position. So then yesterday I paid a girl from church to do a photo shoot (she's just starting out, so not charging much). I figured, I bought these outfits & I want pictures in them to make Christmas cards! Right? In the first 10 minutes, Hermosa fell & busted her lip, her hand landing in an ant pile. Nice start. Add that to the fact that of all days she either slept 45 minutes in her room or not at all & just laid there quietly. That kind of nap is worse than none usually... this poor gal said after an hour & a half that she still wasn't sure she got them all looking at the camera at the same time!! She did get good individuals, so this may be the "photo collage" year :o) You go cry your heart out over this & don't feel one bit bad about it. I cry everyday just about over some silly or sappy something...


Jenna said...

I thought I was your best friend! Or at least Mom was!

Ginger said...

I'm a girl. I have more than one best friend. ;)

heartchild said...

Oh my! I can relate completely. Did you feel better after a good cry?

Lee said...

I feel your pain. I tell my self that in a year or two I will think these pictures are fantastic and so representative of our family at the time - and all the little things that bugged me will become the things I love about the picture!
(doesn't help right now, but it has always come to pass!)

Carel said...

Ahlll, I'm so sorry Saturday turned out like that. We'll get a good pic of your family even if it means photo shopping open eyes on Maya and pasting a smile on Lydia. We will ask Jody to do this part since she up and left us all to move to Small Town, Il. Have a great day today. Gretchen

Faith said...

I SO get you on this one Ginger dear. I have decided that it is just next to impossible to get a really great picture of all of my kids together. Maybe once they are all over 6 or 7 it'll happen? I haven't even tried for Christmas cards this year. I'm thinking of not even sending them. We'll see.

Ginger said...

Actually, the fact that the kids weren't all smiling wasn't the issue. For me, the issue was that after almost 2 years, I still don't have a single picture of my family. :(

Dustinsdreamer said...

I understand. I don't have a family picture of us either and Seth is almost 4! I'd love to have one, but getting Dustin to agree to have his pic taken is near impossible it seems.

I'm sorry it didn't work out. :( You'll get your picture, though, and you'll be so happy! I just know it. :)

Ginger said...

Gretchen, you're so sweet. It wasn't your fault. :)

Kidcraze said...

Well, if you were so bummed about it not working out, then think of how deliriously happy you will be when you finally get "The One."

I'll bring my camera when I come to Texas :)

Our last attempt for a family pic was also a total flop. I'm still a little down about it, but I'm not giving up.

Angela said...

I have those days more often then I like to admit.

(((hug))) For what it is worth, I do cry during commercials LOL

God bless,

Lis said...

Lydia cracks me up in these pictures!