Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Giveaway

Homeschooling isn't just for moms! Leave me a comment telling me how your hubby is involved in homeschooling, and you'll be entered to win this encouraging CD.


Cactus Flower said...

The list of ways he helps me would be too long, but here are a couple: My hubby is great with the science experiments. He is so much better (than I am) at explaining the principles behind the experiment. The kids also love to go out to the garage and do "tool school" with Daddy where they learn about tools and their different uses, and occasionally "help" Daddy with projects (can you tell hubby is a mechanic? lol).

Faith said...

Uhm, he's not really, unfortunately. I would really, really like him to hear this CD and get him more involved. I know he would like to be more involved but feels that he doesn't really know what is going on enough to start. I may have to buy it if I don't win it, I think it would be beneficial!

Ben and April said...

My wonderful husband just last night helped our 6 year old label the bones in the body for his science class at co-op today!

april at menking dot net

MotherOfBlessings said...

My Handsome Hubby is the one that made the choice to homeschool when I was still trying "decide if I wanted to". I am so glad he did!

Since then he is involved each year from the planning at the convention, to the day-to-day schooling, to filling a spot on the support group board.

I wouldn't dream of homeschooling without his support!

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

uh... hmmm.. er... Well hubby encourages me to HS but doesn't do anything with homeschooling at all.. Alida

Angela Kirsch said...

My husband let me homeschool on a trial basis the first year on the stipulation that WHATEVER we decide, to maintain it the whole school year. It didn't go well, BUT we learned what homeschooling really was and that God calls us all to educate our kids.

WELL! He is now the Principal of our Homeschool. He does most of the planning, all of the "exams", checks the work for the week on Saturdays, dishes out work for the week on Sundays, "works" the system of the library so we can have all our books for zero expense, and tweaks the curriculum we decided on for our beliefs and kids bents and modern relevance.

I honestly think he now does more than I do! He encourages me daily (often hourly!) and gives me ideas for creative discipline (when I feel like whacking them!).

He has taken over the responsibility of "teacher" for our oldest son (8th) so that I can simply teach him when he asks me, thus eliminating hours of conflict each day. He sees that I get out at least once a month with other moms, and he dates me once a week. He helps with the floors and laundry.

He recieves narration via phone and email (at work) and emails the kids when he wants to teach them something or refer them to a news story or radio event.

He gets me and our oldest up every morning for devotions and prayer to give us a good start to our day (most days). He reads bedtime stories to the little ones several times a week from their free-reading list. He spends every Saturday with his family running errands, going to the library, and doing something fun. Every once and a while he takes one out for "daddy-daughter time" or "father-son time".

He also now coaches Homeschool Track.

Wow. What a man! I'm so blessed! He's not perfect, not even close, but I cry with joy whenever I think of where I am because of him (compared to where I'd be!) Praise God! God help him and bless him and let me do my part to be his helpmeet!

PDaddy said... husband is involved by encouraging me, constantly. He is not available to do direct teaching. But he is available to encourage me, even when I worry that my children are behind where I think they "should be". He's the one who reminds me that they can learn what they need to whenever they need to. But that right now, building their character is the most important thing of all...and that's what I am doing.

musicmommy3 said...

My husband is the one who first introduced me to normal homeschool families. :)

He has even told me that if I were to die that he would sell everything possible to be a SAHD and continue to homeschool.

Right now the business keeps him really busy but he does have the boys ride along once a week or so. They are learning about the business. He is also intrumental in helping me picking the curric.

He wants to be more involved in the actual teaching when the boys get older and he hopefully has a reliable employee. :)

Robin said...

We are not officially homeschooling yet, since all our kids are preschool age, but our oldest will be kindergarten age next fall. Right now, DH reads books to the kids, and loves to hear them recite the verses they are working on.

Chas said...

My husband is a great supporter of our homeschooling. I think he and I would enjoy the cd.