Thursday, January 22, 2009


Our local Sprout's has had blackberries on sale (77c per pint!!) for the last several weeks. I've been buying 5 pints a week. This is our new favorite breakfast appetizer:

Blackberries in the Snow

Everyone goes totally nuts for them. Especially Lydia, who snatched that blackberry before I could get her chubby little hand in the shot.

And then everyone compares tongues to see whose is the purplest. How much fun can a bunch of home schoolers have!!

And then, of course, everyone needs some protein to make it through the morning. Thankfully, we've been getting a lot of eggs around here lately. Here were the very first two eggs:

Look at the difference between those two! Somebody earned bragging rights and somebody else got a little pep talk. But boy, that big egg was delicious! Check it out:

(Yes, that's one egg.)


debhmom3 said...

Yum, blackberries! And 77 cents a pint, WOW! I'd buy that many just for my family of five! Oh, and I always feel special to crack open the double yolk eggs. Two for one! :)

Stacy said...

Are those blackberries in coconut or powdered sugar? We do the "snow" with banana slices covered in finely grated unsweetened coconut around here and everyone goes crazy for them. Love the purple tongue!

Ginger said...

Powdered sugar. I'll try the bananas & coconut; I know they'll love that. They go totally bananas for coconut. (lol)

Janelle said...

I am so jealous of your eggs, someday soon we'll finally get around to chickens :) Love the purple tongues, though I've never has a black berry, this year I will have to give it a try :)

MommaofMany said...

When I was little, in Oregon, we could buy 'double-yolkers' by the dozen at the local Thriftway. I haven't seen them in stores for a very long time. When I get 'homegrown' eggs from my friend tammy, there are often doubles. BONUS!

Dr. G said...

tried this today with blueberries (99c at Kroger) Worked pretty well!