Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Money Meme

They say that what's in your wallet reveals your priorities. Let's test that theory. List 12 cards you find in your wallet, then tag 12 people.

A Dozen Cards in My Wallet:

1. My debit card
2. library card
3. different library card
4. Zoo membership card
5. Health Savings Account card
6. Target gift card
7. Barnes & Noble gift card
8. My other debit card
9. Bakery "frequent flyer" card
That's it. I don't have 12 cards.

I tag: MommaofMany, Vicki M, Stacy, Mommy4, The Herd, Janelle, Heartchild, Jody, KidCraze, Jane, Gretchen, Faith


Vicki said...


Stacy said...

I did it, but mine isn't very exciting :)

Our Family: said...

I'm the most boring person ever as all I have is my Driver's License and a debit card in my wallet. I like to keep it simple, I guess. LOL

The Herd said...

I will have to skip this...I don't have a wallet here...the only things I take with me, cash, ikea card, and map(of metros and to an orphanage)...all of this in my winter coat. I carry no purse at all! Unless, I go on a date!

The Herd said...

oh, I forgot the most important passport! I don't always remember it. Over here it's like your driver's always have it!

MommaofMany said...

I did mine. I actually had 12, surprise, surprise.