Thursday, February 19, 2009

They're So Angelic

. . . when they're sleeping. This cracks me up. You'd think they were twins. In fact, just yesterday, Elena & Chloe asked me why people sometimes think they are twins. "We don't look alike at all!" It's true, they don't. I have no idea why anyone would think that.

I always go into the kids' rooms before heading to bed. (Actually I don't go in the boys' room. They're light sleepers; not worth the risk.) This is how I found Liddy a few hours after I'd put her to bed (without boots on!) I'm glad she had on those modesty shorts, or she'd really look like a little hussy! Sheesh.

I keep trying to get a shot of Maya while I'm in there, but she's always covered head to toe with her comforter. Regardless of the weather.


Kidcraze said...

What sweet little angels!

hee, hee, I sometimes find Joy wearing her boots in bed, too. She loves her "pretty boots".

Liz from A Mama Story said...

It's so cute to find our kids sharing their sleep space. Very sweet. :)

The Herd said...

Funny!!! I am glad you go in with your camera!! Love those boots--and the fact that she put them on...were they on the right feet?

Ginger said...

You made me look, Karen. Yes, they're on the right feet. Funny!!

The Herd said...

That's good...I can't always trust myself to get Matthew's shoes on right...terrible!!!