Monday, March 16, 2009

Always Faithful

I had said that God would be my comfort, but I could not have imagined the lengths He would go to to show me this side of Him again. During the miscarriage, my hormones (aka emotions) were all over the place. Up and down. Up and down. I very quickly had to remind myself: I cannot trust my emotions.
The first day that I was down, I received a call from our pastor's wife telling me that she was going to bring us a meal and would lunch or dinner be better? She went on to tell me about a fairly recent miscarriage she had and was very encouraging. She talked to me for a good long while and I felt like my hand was being held through the process.
The next day that my emotions were down and I was irrational and wanting to crawl into a hole for the remainder of the day, I received a card in the mail which basically said: I know sometimes when things are hard, you just want to quit, but God is there. He is faithful and He will comfort you.
And someone brought me lunch that day when I was too melancholy to even realize how late it was and how hungry I was. Shocking how food alone can bring the emotions back into balance. ;)
Two days later, when I was doing much better but it still wasn't over, a friend from church called wanting to bring us dinner.
Thank you for the cards. Thank you for the meals. Thank you for the encouraging words. Always arriving just when I needed them. Even when I didn't realize I needed them.
And to all those friends who looked me in the eyes and asked, "How are you doing? Really."-- Thank you so much for letting God speak through you. You have no idea how much those simple words of caring meant to me.

This song has been my theme song of late. I hope it blesses you.


Shell said...

Ahh Ginger honey, I wish I lived closer. I'd come on over and chat and cry with you. I too know the heartbreak of losing a child in misscarrage.


The Herd said...

I am so happy to see God's arms surround you!

Diane said...

I'm sorry about your miscarriage. I had a miscarriage in April. God is good and He has a plan. Maybe our children that we lost are having fellowship with the Lord together. I noticed you have a pregnancy ticker on your front page, are you pregnant again? Thanks for the encouraging blog.
Blessings, Diane.

Ginger said...

Yep. :) The miscarriage was back at the beginning of March. I'm now 10 wks pg. Had a sonogram a couple days ago. The baby looks great!

Diane said...

I'm so happy for you! Wow, you must have conceived on your first cycle after your miscarriage! I pray your baby is healthy and grows up loving the Lord with all his or her heart. I praise God for His blessings to you!