Friday, March 13, 2009

I Love My Midwife

Robin and newborn Lydia

She just called me today to check on me. This makes the 5th time she has called me over the past week. She just wants to see how I'm doing.
She asked how I was doing physically. Then she asked how I was faring emotionally. Then she asked how I was doing spiritually and told me that she was praying for me, not only to conceive but also to draw closer to the Lord during this time.
Other than pregnancy itself, I am really looking forward to having her come to my house every month again. She is such a blessing.
How many of you know OB/GYNs who make so many personal calls?

I'm so blessed.


Janelle said...

What a wonderful midwife, I wish there was a midwife in my area :(

Nealy said...

What a beautiful testimony to home births!

debhmom3 said...

Only a woman can care for another woman when it comes to matters of women's health. I have had a couple of make OB/GYNs. They just cannot relate and care the way a woman who has borne children can. I am so glad you are under the care of such a wonderful, caring woman.

ecrawfor80 said...

What a blessing it is to have a good midwife! And ginger, I am so sorry about your loss. We are praying for you.