Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Day Mommy Went Shopping

Last weekend, I went to the thrift store to shop for Lydia and Daniel, who have apparently run out of clothes. How did that happen?
When I came home and showed them their new stash, they were giddy. They tried on each outfit and showed it off (Daniel, because I asked him to; Lydia, because she's a girl). It was so much fun for them to be showered with new stuff.

But like every trip to the thrift store, not everyone gets something. Isaac was particularly disappointed with this sad fact of life. Apparently, he was the only one who didn't take my word for it when I said I was going shopping for Daniel and Lydia only.

So, Kyle sympathized with him. (I didn't get anything for Kyle either, poor thing.) They boo-hooed together as I rolled my eyes.


Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

So funny! We're going thrift store shopping today!! :) I found one that has 50% off kids clothes on Thursday' we try to hit it every couple of months. It's usually hit or miss..we pray before we go and sometimes we hit the "jackpot", sometimes not! You'd think with so many kids and the way people give us handmedowns..we'd always have a ton of clothes around here..not the of the kids is always running out. I'm constantly reminded of the verse.."Do not worry about what you will wear, don't you know that our Father clothes the lilies of the much MORE will he clothe you!"

Janelle said...

That is too funny!! :)

The Herd said...

By the way, I love it that Kyle was so trying to hide that laugh of his!