Monday, March 2, 2009

Journal From One Quarintined

This is what took place last week, while I was puny.

Tuesday AM:

Woke up with a fever and dry throat.
Took one clove of raw garlic, set the kids up with a to-do list. Put Elena in charge, since she's the best reader.
Slept all day, waking only to take more garlic. Too tired to take any other vitamins. Not smart.

Tuesday PM:

Woke to discover that Elena made sure everybody got all their schoolwork done and chores too! I'm filled with gratitude. And a bit of wonder. I feel safe being sick.

Throat really hurting. Took two more cloves of raw garlic. One in the afternoon, one before bed.

Wednesday AM:

Woke with a throat on fire. Checked throat with a flashlight in a dark bathroom. All the tell tale signs of Strep throat. Oh crud!

More fatigued, but more motivated to kick this nastiness out of my body. Kyle set Maya up with a schedule and 6 cloves of garlic to crush for me. She brought me a spoonful of garlic every two hours. I wasn't thrilled to see her as she woke me up each time, but very thankful. Also, added 2000 mg of Vitamin C five times a day.

Again, Maya and Elena took charge of household duties. Kyle closes down school until I'm well. Maya cooks meals and keeps the littles in line; Elena made sure chores got done and the house stayed relatively tidy.

Wednesday PM:

I realize once again how blessed I am. But I'm fed up with this flaming sore throat. Start praying about it for the first time. Later that night, my throat stops hurting and my only symptoms now are fever, extreme congestion, and ensuing sinus pain.

Wishing there was an herbal substitute for Tylenol, but too tired to research it. Took 2 Tylenol to get rid of this throbbing whole-headache. (Turns out, there is an herb for pain, fever, and inflammation. But Tylenol is the synthetic substitute for it, not the other way around. White Willow Bark, sold in capsules in your neighborhood health food store. More later on this.)

To Be Continued. . .


MotherOfBlessings said...

We use lemon tea to get rid of sore throat pain. Very easy to make. Squeeze half a lemon into a coffee mug. Use a strainer to remove seeds. Fill the mug with hot water. Add 1 spoonful of honey. Drink this as hot as you can stand it. If the pain is severe it may take more than 1 cup at a sitting. Repeat as often as needed. The lemon kills the "cooties" and the vitamin C is good for you too!

Glad you are doing better!

Ginger said...

Funny that you mention lemons; I had been drinking glasses of water with half a lemon squeezed in. I drank that several times a day for hydration and the Vit C.
I wanted cold, not hot drinks.

A Mama Story said...

Lemon is great for sore throats, especially with honey and chamomile (but I bet you already knew that). Fenugreek also helps with sinus troubles, as does Xylitol (but I bet you already knew that too).

I've been visiting Mountain Rose Herbs for awhile and just learned that the students/graduates of the school get a discount. I'll be shopping there more often ( you still get as much commission if I use my student discount?)

Glad to hear you're feeling better!


A Mama Story said...

Oops...forgot you were preggers.....scratch the Fenugreek :)


Ginger said...

I knew that about Fenugreek, but not about Xylitol. Will have to look that one up & learn more. Man, I wanted to take some Fenugreek soooooo bad!

Lis said...

I take Fenugreek for different reasons, but that is nice to know! I will have my husband take it too. Hopefully it will not cause him to lactate, but if he does, I will let him get up in the middle of the night! ;)

You have great kids Ginger! They truly are a blessing. You can send them to my house to take care of things when I am sick. I'm sure my kids would much rather have Elena & Maya as their mom. :)