Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Books are Our Friends"

This is a common refrain heard around the Clark house. (And I always take on a dramatic tone when I talk about my books.) When books are left out on the rug and Lydia steps on one on her way to the kitchen, I say: Lydia, don't step on the book. Books are our friends, we don't walk on our friends.

The other day, Elena wanted to look something up in my Bible and she picked it up by the cover. I responded in a beseeching way: Elena, that's my precious Bible. Please treat my Bible nicely.
When I want one of the kids to read a new book, I'll say excitedly: Elena, have you met my friend, Edith Nesbit? You are just going to love her!

Yesterday, Isaac made the unfortunate mistake of jamming a book into the bookshelf. He didn't do it intentionally, but nevertheless got this very dramatic response: Oh Isaac, you have to treat our books better than that! Next to you kids, those books are our most precious possession!!
Half the kids looked at me strangely and the other half started giggling. But they all got the point.


Kelly said...

Very Carole Joy Seid-ish of you! I had forgotten how she mentioned that in her seminar. How long have you been introducing your kids to the book with this introduction?

Graceful Threads said...

I love books too. I am very very good at decluttering, paring down and throwing out...EXCEPT when it comes to books. It is one thing I feel is worthy of precious time,money and space. An investment. Just having shelves full of good books makes me feel smarter.:-)We respect our Bibles too, we never put anything on our Bibles and we never put our Bibles on the floor, my *adopted mom* got me into this habit, she cherished her Bible so.

Laura said...

I love the phrases you have used to describe books and the care of them to your kiddos!
I will use those from now on too!

MommaofMany said...

My kids are aghast at how some of their friends treat their books. We are careful with our books, too.