Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Priceless Visit

We recently had the opportunity to visit with "Auntie Melodie", the parent-child laison at the orphanage where our children waited for us. She was one of their teachers and the one who showed them our photo albums and prepared them for becoming the children of a "white ma and pa". She's the one I talked to most during the adoption wait. Melodie was raised in Liberia as a missionary child. And she's still there now, ministering to the children in the orphanage and discipling women who have recently come to Christ. She is a precious friend.
Following my 20 minute rule, I didn't tell the kids who we were meeting, so they were very eager to find out, but nothing could have prepared them for this visit. Maya, Isaac, and Daniel were all thrilled to see her, but after a hug, the boys both ran off to play on the playground. Maya, on the other hand, immediately started crying as she gave Melodie a bear hug. They talked for quite awhile; Melodie updating Maya on all her friends and the workers she knew. Then suddenly, Melodie slipped into Liberian speak. Maya was practically glowing. We asked her later what Melodie had said and she explained it to us in English. I said, "No, say it in Liberian English. Say it the way Melodie said it." Maya surprised me by looking at me queerly and saying that she can't talk like that anymore.
When we were walking back to the car, Maya looked me in the eye and said: Thanks so much for bringing us to see Auntie Melodie, Mom!


MommaofMany said...

That brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing that sweet moment.

Carey said...

It's wonderful the kids got to see Melodie. I like to keep some connection to Liberia for Peter too.
We recently had a bi-racial baby adopted in our church at 1 week old. I said to Peter won't it be nice to see a baby like you grow up. He's answer was "no" - he seems to only care when the kids are his age, which isn't often in our area

Nealy said...

Melodia looks like Charlize Theron! Beautiful. So glad you and the children got to visit.