Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cook Along

So, the Clark girls decided to make quiche for dinner. We all just love quiche. And thanks to all those sweating chickens in the backyard, it's a pretty cheap meal.

First, I buttered the bottom of the dishes. Then put half a pound of browned sausage into each. I'm already salivating. (It doesn't take much for me, these days.)

Then we put roughly 4 oz. cheese on top of that. Pepper jack in one, because I think everything is better with pepper jack, and sharp cheddar in the other, because sharp is the only way to go. (I get my way around here.)

I cubed the cheese because I'm too lazy to shred it (and Isaac, our cheese man, was busy helping Kyle with some manly project.) Lydia was in charge of stirring the egg mixture: 12 eggs, 3 cups of milk, and 4 Tbs of butter.

Maya did a superb job of pouring the egg mix over the sausage and cheese. Look how happy cooking makes her!

Daniel put the spinach on top because he wanted to be in a picture, but the picture didn't turn out well. Sorry, Daniel. (He'll never know, so don't tell him.) Then I punched down those gorgeous green leaves, so they wouldn't burn.

Finished product. But we did add salsa on top to spice it up a bit. It was delicious! And see, I'm not the only one salivating now.


Kyle said...

What great cooks my girls are. It was a delicious dinner. I am one blessed man to have this many girls to take care of me!

A Mama Story said...

Beautiful pictures, Ginger!!!! I've been wondering about your chickens.

Stacy said...

Yummy! We just might do that for dinner! I have some cut up chicken, eggs, cheese, and spinach. I'll serve with the side of tator tots (a special treat I let Emily pick out at the store this week) and some fruit! Thanks for the idea!

Andrea H. said...

Bless the girls and that food looks sooo yummy!

Rachel Marie said...

that looks so good!! and i LOVE salsa on my eggs!

Jenni said...

Pepper-jack DOES make everything better!

Anonymous said...

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