Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crazy Love

A few months ago at a homeschool seminar, Carole Joy Seid highly recommended this book. She asked the audience if anyone had read it and one lady spoke up. She said, "It was a great book. My only caveat was: it made me question whether I'm really a Christian." At the time, I thought: And why is that a bad thing?? I haven't been able to get her statement out of my head since because I thought it was so sad. But since reading this book, I'm even more depressed for her. Clearly she didn't get it.
The title is very telling. "Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God" by Pastor Francis Chan. I really can't recommend this book highly enough. Please run out and get it first chance you get.


Stacy said...

Sounds like a book that would be perfect for me right now! However, my library has two books with that title, and neither of them are the right one. Guess I'll have to wait a little bit. Unless you want to loan it to me?? :) :) Thanks for the recommendation!

Ginger said...

Allen has it. :)