Thursday, August 27, 2009


So, we've been packing, buying, checking and rechecking our lists in preparation for our trip this weekend. We'll be in the car all day Saturday. I covet your prayers. lol (This is why we live in the city; I'm not a fan of long distance driving. I like everything really close by.)

We let the kids pack their bags and then we dump it all out and review to see what they're lacking. Isaac was so proud of himself. He got everything in his backpack and made it all fit. He packed 3 shirts and 8 pairs of pants. (We'll be there for a week. Apparently he'll be topless half of that time.)


Anonymous said...

Funny! I haven't reached the point of letting my kids pack for themselves. Guess I really should.

heartchild said...

In Isaac's defense, Colorado really is beautiful this time of year. LOL!

Mrs T said...

rubber side down
shiny side up

have a blessed and SAFE trip!

Shell said...

Have a good time! Traveling with lots of kids can get noisy and be tiring but is still a lot of fun.

We let our older kids pack too and double check their bags. It still teaches then to be independent and train them to pack for themselves also.

Also, hope your pregnancy is going well. Said a little prayer for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Wouldn't mind be with a little one soon.

God bless and have fun,