Monday, August 24, 2009

This Just Makes Me Sick

As the debate about healthcare rages, religious “leaders” are weighing in. In a recent teleconference, pastors from around the country gathered to discuss the issue with the White House (and record it for later non-partisan use). The call began with a prayer led by a female pastor from Georgia (one of several female ministers, deacons and church leaders in what was an obvious nod to feminists, and the theological and political left) then descended into sob stories about the need for universal healthcare (i.e., my friend got cancer and died... therefore we need socialized medicine), platitudes about “affordable healthcare for all,” social justice, and a smattering of children’s voices offering a tug at the heartstrings.

Of course, the call was ‘ecumenical’ in nature gathering both churches, non-churches (those holding to heterodoxy), Jews, and Muslims. The theme of the call was clear: the compassionate, ‘social justice’ seeking position is government intervention, and more specifically, uncritical acceptance of president Obama’s cause. Make no mistake, this was a clear case of liberal, feminist, unbiblical, quasi-Christianity on display.

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Anonymous said...


Just because you disagree doesn't mean that something is unbiblical or quasi-Christian.

You seem to misunderstand the heart of the Gospel message.

Ginger said...


Go on. I'm listening. More details please :)