Friday, March 19, 2010

Latest (& Most Challenging) Project

These rocking chair cushions have been in the works for almost a month. I bought the fabric, found some tutorials, stared at the fabric thinking-- that took about a week.

Then I cut out the pattern, called my dad to provide moral support as I did the piping, almost went postal while doing the piping, eventually asked my dad to do some of the piping-- this went on and on for who knows how long. (There were many days of just walking past the newly- designated sewing table growling in between all of this.)

But yesterday, I finally finished it and oh my it's a comfortable rocker now! No doubt, most of the comfort comes from knowing I completed a project that was almost the death of me.
Chloe does a very good satisfied pose, don't you think? I had collapsed on the floor after sewing on the last button, so I required a stand-in model.


momto12 said...

Good job! I am working on placemats that my daughter asked me to make and having the same problem! I am hoping to finish them this weekend! I have learned I tend to do this with something I have never made before!

Kidcraze said...

That looks like the same rocking chair that I have. It's been passed down from my Grandmother.
Mine has no cushions, though I have often wished for them. Yours look great, but I don't think I am ready to tackle that kind of project.

Ginger said...

Exactly where I got my rocker, Kidcraze. :D

Amy said...

I am very impressed with your handiwork! I've tried sewing, but got frustrated and quit.

Robin said...

Excellent job!