Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Friends

My very good friend, Gretchen, came over last week to hang out. We sat on the couch and visited while our kids played (or argued, whatever the case may have been at the time). Gretchen and I were due on the same day. Julia showed up early, her Amelia showed up late.

We had so much fun talking baby stuff. We both had home births. We both birthed in water. We both had girls. And we both want more. Something happened this time that made us both realize what a true blessing children are. Maybe we're older and wiser than we were when we had our first and thought we had it all figured out.

So while our girls were begging to hold the babies and bragging to each other about their new siblings; the boys were doing something entirely different and more productive. Ya know, boy stuff
like piling all the balls on top of the fort. Important stuff. Of course, that's not all they did. They also built squirrel traps and bird traps and argued with the girls.

Looking at this picture, I gotta say: Is it any wonder people think my little Isaac is older than he is. Look at those biceps (and triceps and pectorals)! Good grief, child! Lay off the one-armed push-ups for awhile! Sheesh.


Edward and Gretchen said...

Awl...I love this post. It's the babies! And look at how chubby they both look. Chunky babies are the best!

Yes, I told you Isaac was a cutie. Man oh man is he good looking. Yes, please do have him lay off the one-armed push-ups.

~Stephanie said...

Isaac does look a bit more grown up than I expected.

And the baby girls are SO cute!

Tracy said...

Good grief girl what've you been feeding him???? :) Him and Alex are the same age and Alex doesn't look that old!!
Alex recognized the shirt Brenden gave him, and thats Brendens, NOT Alexs!! He's a good-looking boy!
Miss you on Facebook!

Ginger said...

Tracy, he eats like a grown man, but then he always has. I wasn't being facetious about the one-armed push-ups. He really does those & frequently. {{eyeroll}}

The Herd said...

Oh my!!! Isaac has grown sooo much!
I was just sharing with a friend here about you.