Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reason to Homeschool #38

Homeschoolers are easily entertained. As a result of so little electronic stimulation (tv-watching, psp-playing, etc etc), they have active imaginations. Case in point:

Saturday evening, the kids spent several hours making paper masks for themselves. It all started when Elena showed up at the dinner table wearing her self-fashioned paper mask seen top left. She had a straight face as she ate her meal through her mask, while Kyle and I just giggled every time she said something. We couldn't take her seriously.
The other kids got a big kick out of this, so of course, they all wanted to follow suit as soon as they were excused from the table. After they all had their masks completed, then they had to make up a play for all the characters they'd just created. I'm so glad they've given up on charging admission to their plays. We were going broke paying all the budding thespians!
I was fascinated by just how much time they dedicated to their project. You just don't develop that kind of tenacity playing electronics and watching the tube in all your spare time. The difference was really striking.

Can you tell who's missing? One child in particular was too busy cooing at a cute baby to be bothered with art projects. ;)