Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Reason to Homeschool the Charlotte Mason Way #42

Reading all that classic literature develops one's grammar, vocabulary, spelling skills,

and in this case, a love of words! Maya has been asking for a thesaurus every since we told her what it was a couple weeks ago. When I brought this home for her, she poured over it for almost an hour, looking up everything she could think of and then impressing us with her new words.
As I said.
Maya wants to know why "thesaurus" isn't in the thesaurus, since it's such a hard word for her to say. Any ideas?

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Jimmie said...

How cute. I love words too! When I was searching for a blog name, I admit that I browsed the entire dictionary. I found so many fun words that were new or forgotten.

Have you told Maya about a RHYMING dictionary? Those are fun too!

This post would be a wonderful addition to the Charlotte Mason carnival on March 30. I'm hosting it, and I'd be so pleased if you'd submit this post here.