Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Book Review: The Heart Mender

I received this book to review from Thomas Nelson publishers.
There are some books that are so hard to put down, but you force yourself to do so anyway because you don’t want it to end. This was that type of book. The Heart Mender is the story of a journey author Andy Andrews embarks on when he finds a tin can full of Nazi artifacts in his own backyard. His journey takes him back to 1942 and the opposing memories of WWII told from the perspective of both an American woman and a German soldier. Josef is a man widowed by an American attack on Germany. Helen is a woman widowed by a German attack on America. When Helen finds Josef half-dead on the beach near her Gulf Coast home, she wants desperately to help him. But when she discovers that he is a German soldier, she wants desperately to beat him to death. The Heart Mender tells of a part of history that was never told- the story of German U-boats in the Gulf Coast. It also tells a love story you will not soon forget. Ultimately The Heart Mender is a story of the power of forgiveness.

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