Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A La Carte

Just discovered another plus to the family closet: less laundry!
It has been a week since we switched from individual kid closets to one big closet, so this was our first laundry folding party. It was the girls' day. (That's significant.) Since they can't hide the evidence when they change clothes multiple times a day, they don't. I read one chapter of The Bronze Bow while they folded. They were done before I was halfway through the chapter!

Despite emails begging you for money, I haven't actually jumped a plane to London or been mugged at gunpoint. I'm safe and sound at home and an email hacker is having a hay day with my old account. FYI.

I would like to thank everyone who commented on my Schooling Older Adoptees post. Apparently it isn't just a Liberian issue. I sat at my computer and whimpered as I read your appreciation. You have truly blessed me.

I'm losing hair by the fistfuls lately. I have done this after every baby, but that doesn't make it any less scary to see the tub drain covered in hair. Anybody else have postpartum hair loss? Any solutions?



debhmom3 said...

I too had major hair loss after pregnancy. I was told that it is very common to be hypothyroid right after a pregnancy, with the hair loss being a common symptom. I took some kind of "green" supplement with kelp and other thyroid boosting supplements in it and it seemed to help quite a bit. Since it was a temporary problem I didn't do thyroid meds or anything like that.

Glad your not in London. ;)

Debbie :)

MamaOlive said...

I don't lose hair after every pregnancy, but I sure have this time! I almost have bald spots on my temples. I'm just waiting it out; my hair is naturally very thick so I can afford to lose some. Baby is 6 months now and the loss has slowed considerably.

Renee said...

I adore your family closet. I am trying really hard not to covet it.

So sleek and efficient which I am all about these days. More time to play with the kids! LOVE the idea of reading while folding.

I lose gobs of hair for months after a baby. I had to go shorter with my hair to compensate. I also get a whole new set of bangs after each birth. SO weird!

I am glad you are o.k. and haven't been kidnapped :o)

Lori said...

I lost a lot of hair after my 2nd. The derm said I had alopecia aeriata (sp?), but I didn't believe him! I went to a doctor certified in Chinese medicine and he put me on a couple of Chinese herb blends because he said my liver was out of whack after the pregnancy. Within 6 months my hair was back to normal! The herbs were called Astra Essence and Marrow Plus. Hope you get that beautiful hair back soon!

Julia said...

I lost quite a bit of hair after this last pregnancy too. It would come out in the fistfulls and clog the drain. My husband said when he unclogged the drain, it looked like he pulled out a dead rat, compliments of me. Almost eight months later it is still coming out but not as badly. I bet there is something herbal to help it. I did read that during pregnancy the body produces a hormone that keeps the hair from shedding as often. Then, you have extra hair to shed post partum.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...


Sorry -- no help at all. But my baby is 4... almost 5 now and it grew back. Ü