Friday, May 21, 2010

A Meme or a Stream of Consciousness

  1. I love being productive more than anything else
  2. And I struggle with perfectionism
  3. I've learned to see progress as accomplishment (this is a BIG deal for a to-do list freak)
  4. I work very hard to hide my perfectionism from my kids, for their sakes
  5. I desperately don't want my kids to think I want them to be perfect
  6. I need to be social every week in order to avoid melting down
  7. I get mean when I'm tired or hungry
  8. My kids offer me food and drink when I start getting grumpy
  9. I love them for that
  10. I absolutely love being able to encourage people
  11. I think I have far more friends than I deserve
  12. I tend to space out at least once when playing games
  13. My friends get a big kick out of telling me it's my turn again
  14. I have ADD
  15. Not ADHD; I only get hyper when given too much caffeine or when a thrift store is within sight ;)
  16. I am not subtle
  17. Nobody ever thought I was
  18. I love nursing my babies
  19. I regret not nursing or at least bottle-feeding Daniel w/ breastmilk. He was only 2! :(
  20. I have a lot of mother-guilt
  21. I never feel I've done enough to show my children how much I love them
  22. I agree with almost everything Charlotte Mason said
  23. Homeschooling is my #1 hobby
  24. I enjoy it that much
  25. I love books
  26. I love lists
  27. I really love booklists
  28. I loved and miss college. My college years show up in my dreams more than anything else.
  29. I wish I could be around my friends 24/7 like I was in college
  30. I love Jane Austen books and movies, except Northanger Abbey. That one was just silly.
  31. I would love to visit England one day
  32. Watching a Jane Austen or Austen-ish movie is like a vacation to me
  33. Eating a bowl of cereal (or two :blush:) and reading a magazine is also like a mini-vacation for me
  34. I am entertained easily
  35. Kyle secretly loves that about me
  36. I love to giggle
  37. My kids really enjoy it when I giggle
  38. Because I'm too serious most of the time
  39. Generally speaking, I don't trust salespeople or doctors
  40. I'm a fan of conspiracy theories
  41. I tend to think if everyone believes it, it must be wrong
  42. I have a bad habit of picking at my lips.
  43. I also have a bad habit of spending too much time online
  44. I don't think jokes about it are funny. I'm honestly ashamed of that habit.
  45. I love to sew
  46. Mainly because I feel domestic and feminine when I do
  47. I growl at my sewing machine at least once during every sewing project
  48. I don't shy away from debates or disagreements
  49. I see them as a sure way to get to know someone better or to get wiser
  50. My closest and best friends are the same way. We know we're not just arguing. lol


Kyle said...

WOW! Even I learned a few things, and I'm your husband. What better way to get to know each other than online. :-)
You are so funny and yet vulnerable at the same time. You are amazing!

MamaMahnken said...

This made me laugh and smile and marvel at how much we have in common and Kyle's comment made me go "awww" :)

debhmom3 said...

What a great read! I would have never in a million years guessed we had that much in common.....I don't know why....must have been the red hair. :)

Dusti said...

Your husband made me crack up!
I thought I was the only one to get hyper when I was near a thrift store!

Graceful Threads said...

Loved #41!