Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Clearing This Up

Two weeks ago I got really sick. Strep throat or tonsilitis. I started taking GSE immediately and by the third day all the infection was gone. But the next day, my throat started really swelling. It continued until it moved up into the roof of my mouth. Went to the doctor, who immediately referred me to an ENT. I had a "rip roaring" abscess in my throat, according to Dr. ENT. I chose to have outpatient surgery right then as I wanted to hurry up and get home to my baby. Not fun. But that's not the point of this post. I was rather entertained by how many people said:
Wow, if Ginger went to the doctor, it really must have been bad!
Now, allow me to clear something up. If you're thinking I rarely step foot in a doctor's office because I just don't trust doctors as a whole, you're right. But if you're thinking I consider doctors evil money-snatchers, you're wrong. They're not all that way. hehe
Seriously, here's my theory: If I get an earache, I'm not going to go running to the ER. But if I somehow manage to cut my ear off, and it's in a baggie, I'd go to the ER. ;)
(But rampant overuse of the ER is a whole 'nother rant which I will not begin now.)
When I go into labor, I don't head for the hospital, because I have low-risk pregnancies. If, however, I had a high-risk pregnancy, you better believe I'd go to the hospital for the birth of my baby. I definitely think midwives can do birth better, from my own experience, but I'm no idiot (well, not in this area anyway.)
I have treated ear infections and strep throat many times successfully with natural antibiotics (of which GSE is the most powerful). But this was clearly no standard throat infection. This is what doctors were made for, so to the doctor I went. And I'm happy to say that I met and was treated by not one, but two excellent doctors. A true miracle. LOL!

A cynic to the end,


The Colestead said...

Glad you are doing better. You articulated my thoughts on natural cures vs. doctors exactly. :)

Richele said...

I'm with you. Ear in a baggie and you'll be seeing me at the ER - not before that, though.

Your list gave me a good belly laugh this morning.

Your comment on the SCM regarding your pencil grip in relation to my son's is extremely, incredibly, and very much appreciated. I know you're a grammar nut but I have to somehow tell you how much this mom is thankful for that particular comment. Thank you.

MommaofMany said...

^^ Sounds like a future "Chatter" post.

Ginger said...

Nah. She posted saying that her son holds his pencil resting on his ring finger instead of on his middle finger. I said I do too and it hasn't caused me any trouble or pain.
The end. :)

debhmom3 said...

Glad you're okay now! There is a definite time and place for doctors. Not many times or places, but some. :)

Petra said...

I only see doctors in emergencies as well, which is very seldom and can identify with much of what you've said. Thanks!